A collage of planter ideas using recycled materials

This is a collage of a dozen or so planter ideas I’m thinking of putting into action in the new Woodlands Perma project So, basically… I’ve got to phone around local businesses to see if I can get a few shipping containers, coffee bags and the like (I love the look!!) and figure out ifContinue reading “A collage of planter ideas using recycled materials”

Yemen, the Lakota and urban gardening – this week’s favourite Ted talks

Watching Ted talks is turning into a mild obsession as I find myself googling “Ted talk” with any third word that comes to mind, like “science”, “gardening” or “war”.  The more creative I think I’m getting the more fascinating presentations I find.  Try the Ted talk formula with “architecture”, “crochet” and “Pine ridge reserve” andContinue reading “Yemen, the Lakota and urban gardening – this week’s favourite Ted talks”

First “taller” of urban Perma in Barcelona :)

Had a fantastic time talking about Perma today in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.  Together with Alfred from “Permacultura Barcelona” (www.permacultura-bcn.org) we gave our group a run down of Permaculture ethics, principles and techniques with some concrete urban Perma examples of – vermicomposting – vertical gardens – bag gardens Was received very well, and IContinue reading “First “taller” of urban Perma in Barcelona :)”