First 10 things I look for upon moving to a new city

It’s just shy of a week since I’ve moved to Barcelona. Since this isn’t the first time the my international vagabond tendencies have placed me in a new and unfamiliar city, for the longer-term, I can yet again observe what the first « things » (places, resources, infrastructure) are that I look for when getting to knowContinue reading “First 10 things I look for upon moving to a new city”

Couchsurfing – aka. non-monetary exchanges (part I)

During the two-week intensive PDC (Permaculture Design Course) students cover a variety of topics from soil health and water conservation to plant families and crop rotation.  Also, near the end of the course, we begin discussing the Permacultural views on finances and the economy and on the structure and organization of society.  I found theContinue reading “Couchsurfing – aka. non-monetary exchanges (part I)”