Presentation on Permaculture in Tarija

So it went really well… The Casa de la Cultura here in Tarija was kind enough to let us use their auditorium, and I was able to do an intro presentation about Perma.  It was very well received; I’m sure that cutting down my talking time, as compared to the University of Calgary presentation, wasContinue reading “Presentation on Permaculture in Tarija”

Bolivian army helps us weed our garden

So, this morning I went out to get some bread and milk only to return to the house 5 minutes later…and see that about 60 or 70 soldiers, from what I am assuming is the national army, are busy flaying their machetes around weeding the small strip of park across the street.  I didn’t thinkContinue reading “Bolivian army helps us weed our garden”

WWOOF in South Bolivia (Tarija)

With an expiring Peruvian tourist visa as the so-called excuse to bugger out of the Sacred Valley for a few weeks…I headed out to Tarija, Bolivia last Saturday night from Cusco.  I had two buses to patiently sit through, a 15 hour ride from Cusco to La Paz (one of the capitals of the BolivianContinue reading “WWOOF in South Bolivia (Tarija)”