Healing Cancer – the Gerson therapy (+ link to documentary)

With almost every member of my immediate family over 50 falling prey to cancer…let’s just say that we have looked into many alternative methods to turning back this auto-immune disease.  I have discussed, learned about and listened to many of them and it’s the Gerson method that really stands out for me.  It really does work;Continue reading “Healing Cancer – the Gerson therapy (+ link to documentary)”

Home-made festive wreath

In preperation for tomorrow’s Christmas party, I made a wreath today (table decoration only, it’s not sturdy enough to be hung!) Materials used: – branches of spruce and pine – pinecones and some of those red-berry bunches from tree unknown (that I found around the neighbourhood) – that fuzzy-wrapped kids wire called “chenille stems” (3$Continue reading “Home-made festive wreath”

Introduced to woodworking

 On a whim, about 8 weeks ago, I signed up for a “Woodshop for beginners” class in Calgary, through continuing education at Chinook College in Calgary.  After wrapping up the last class last night I can now sit back and reflect on what was a fascinating, humbling and extraordinary look into the vast world ofContinue reading “Introduced to woodworking”