OK Okap, let’s hear it for the Rumba…

Two full weeks in the city have been as productive as two months in the mountain. I’ve started my freelance work, finished an eBook, wrapped up a report (almost), taken a lot of dance classes, met a lot of new people and applied to a Masters program. In Sainte-Suzanne, the ability to sit still forContinue reading “OK Okap, let’s hear it for the Rumba…”

Arrivaderci Sainte-Suzanne

With only 1 day of official residence left in Sainte-Suzanne – the remote village in the mountains of the North-East department that has been my home for the past 4 months – I find my departure to the city of Cap-Haitien (called “Okap” in Creole) bitter sweet. There is much that I will miss fromContinue reading “Arrivaderci Sainte-Suzanne”

Travel to the other end of Haiti

I’ve started to feel at home in my mountain village of Sainte-Suzanne and bustling-but-laid-back coastal city of Cap-Haitien. Feeling like a Northern-Haitian-expat, almost. Knowing how things work, the people and the tricks of the trade is nice – but there’s nothing like travelling for the first time to the other end of a new countryContinue reading “Travel to the other end of Haiti”