Barcelona TV – Info Polones, interview about the Ride to Read

***Follow this link to watch video (in Polish; subtitled Catalan) Spent a very enjoyable evening with Aneta from Info Polones conducting an interview about the Ride to Read for the local Polish TV spot. Thank you also to our lovely camera ladies for a very enjoyable and artsy evening! A few photos from today…

Cycling Catalunya (part I) – escaping the big city on a bike

“Long live the beautiful cities we’ve created, the countryside we’ve inherited and the space in between” Spain is a noisy country. Bachelors and costumed friends celebrate last evenings of solitary life well into the late mornings, kids shout and cry, dogs bark at litter picked up in a passing breeze. Densely built apartments offer sound-bitesContinue reading “Cycling Catalunya (part I) – escaping the big city on a bike”

Santa Maria del Mar – “rzut beretem” from home

Indeed, it’s not every day that I live next door to beautiful, gothic masterpieces. This blog post is for my mom as she has asked me to photograph both the Santa Maria del Mar and the Sagrada Familia for her, so with my keen photographers eye and the iPhone camera to the rescue, I’ve setContinue reading “Santa Maria del Mar – “rzut beretem” from home”

First 10 things I look for upon moving to a new city

It’s just shy of a week since I’ve moved to Barcelona. Since this isn’t the first time the my international vagabond tendencies have placed me in a new and unfamiliar city, for the longer-term, I can yet again observe what the first « things » (places, resources, infrastructure) are that I look for when getting to knowContinue reading “First 10 things I look for upon moving to a new city”

Barbara Sher’s “Refuse to choose”, perspective altering book

Are you fascinated by Spanish guitar, Chinese cooking, running a successful language school and sailing to India all at the same time? Or maybe what makes your heart smile are rare bird species, photography, medieval poetry and chimney cleaning? In my case, I find myself simultaneously wanting to study linguistics, start a rooftop greenhouse business,Continue reading “Barbara Sher’s “Refuse to choose”, perspective altering book”