Week 5, day 1 – chant and sing

A breathing meditation and a day of mindful eating. For reasons unknown, (although I’ve a dozen hypotheses as to why fasting is so difficult for me right now) I’ve had to keep to the food.

During the past few weeks I’ve done frequent mini-fasts… More like prolonged meal waiting. Attempted a full-day fast today, but after a long winter walk in the fresh Canadian air my appetite got the better of me!

The meditation this evening was a simple breath exercise, and I took advantage of an empty house to loudly chant my mantra. Sometimes I chanted, sometimes I sang.. At all times I felt those vibrations shaking my being and awakening me to infinite devine possibilites!!

Photo (original) – a hawk encountered on the walk 🙂


Week 3, day 2: a fasting day, but not this time


Arrived yesterday in a new town, new climate, new country. Didn’t eat dinner as I would have usually on the flight over and had small snack before bed. Broken and sleepless night… Result: tired, hungry and running on empty half a day earlier than I should have.

Water and teas in the morning but I decided, for energy’s sake, to have a light, late lunch. Am glad I did, it’s given me back that much needed spark!

A short, ten minute meditation before bed and a great sleep and rest will follow 🙂

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