My experiences and knowledge of enterprises in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are centred around the following sectors:

  • Agro-industry
  • consumer products
  • agriculture and cooperatives + fair-trade and organic markets
  • tourism and eco-tourism

I am open and capable of working in new sectors with particular interest in education and the arts.

There’s more if you’d like to learn about me.

Rates + packages

Please contact me to get a detailed quote for your enterprise/organization.  The first 30 minute consultation via Skype is always free.

The following rates provide a guideline only.  They are negotiable and subject to change depending on each client’s needs and circumstances:

(1) Business analysis and report (detailed) : 750$ USD*


  • Company/Organization overview: context, history, structure, governance, financials, marketing
  • SWOT analysis
  • Summary of business goals and proposed strategies

*requires 1-2 hours daily involvement from client during 2 weeks + final product delivered within 3-4 weeks

The objective of the business analysis is to gain clarity on what is here now; to set good intentions and plans for the future.

(2) Website design and creation : 1.500$ USD*


  • Framework
  • Full design with images, text, pages and graphics
  • Integration with social media, eNewsletters and other online marketing tools
  • Setup using Google Translate for website availability in multiple languages
  • Advertising space, if desired
  • 2 hour online session for 2 company employees to learn how to update and access the back-end of the website and a customized, written manual for the client
  • 2 follow-up sessions of 1 hour each in the first year following website publication

Not included:

  • Purchase of stock photos, videos or vector images
  • Web domain hosting and registration

*additional fees apply for copywriting

A website provides a communication and information platform for your enterprise that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world.  For those that don’t yet know anything about you or your company your website will be their first time getting to know you!

(3) Accessing international markets + press and media work

more information coming soon

(4) Grant writing

more information coming soon

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