All I want is some clarity…

Are you at a crossroads in life, feeling torn in different directions and unsure of which road to take?

Do you feel there is more going on inside then can be grasped in a list of “pros” and “cons”?

Is your heart whispering to you “please hear me out” yet you’re unsure of how to make space for this kind of a conversation?

If you’re ready to take the leap and courageously discover your Truth… I invite you for a session of Clarity Coaching.

What is Clarity Coaching?

It is a coaching session (or a series of sessions) with the objective of bringing you clarity in the area(s) of your life which feel muddled and uncertain.

I hold a safe space for you to explore your truth and to show up completely. Together we will ask the right questions to bring you closer to what is really going on inside of your Universe.

We will work together to:

  • uncover the layers of what is unfolding in your life
  • discover new perspectives and ways of looking at the same situation
  • take you out into the big picture to better be able to flow with the daily details of life
  • bring spaciousness and attention to all parts of you especially those that are craving your attention and love
  • design the best, simplest and sweetest practices to stimulate your mind and creativity to new dimensions
  • simply be with what is, in peace and light
  • care for you, in every way

Why should you work with me?

Because I’ve been there too! I’ve found myself at multiple crossroads in life and feeling overwhelmed by choice, powerless to make a mature decision as to my own future. I know what it is to dive into uncomfortable relationships, to be overcome by grief and frustration, to walk into challenging work situations ill prepared, feeling incapable of listening to my inner guidance. My truth seeking has sent me on many journeys around the world; the most intense and beautiful journey I have discovered is the one that is going on within me. This is what I call the soul journey.

Some credentials…

  • I am a certified Awakening and Mindfulness Coach (USA 2016; USA 2020)
  • as well as a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor (Canada 2018)
  • I enjoy teaching meditation and communication strategies in many languages (EN, PL, FR)
  • and, most importantly, I am a self-declared Student and Practitioner of Life, Love and Truth!

I practice asking my clients the right questions to bring you closer to what is really going on inside of your Universe.

My mission is to inspire others, to raise the vibration and to show through example that yes, we can live in light and love.

It is possible.

and it is time.

Let’s meet there together

You can sit on the sidelines or you can dance with life… it’s your choice 🙂