Oh those darned things Grandmothers say

We while away the time by cooking and eating. My grandma cooks, and I eat. Before and after our copious meals we talk. It turns out that my grandma’s preserves and roast turkey hock also come with a rich accompaniment of home-cooked Polish expressions. Like idioms, just no one else has ever heard of them.Continue reading “Oh those darned things Grandmothers say”

The so-called Universal Currency

“What time shall we have the meeting” I interrupt M., as he politely blinks up at me from his computer screen. “Whenever you like, whenever you like.” is his automatic reply. After nearly two years of working side-by-side with the head of our team in Senegal I’ve grown wise in his ways and I knowContinue reading “The so-called Universal Currency”

Polko – Kanadyjka : )

Kocham lotniska. Można powiedzieć, że są trochę jak igrzyska olimpijskie lub ONZ , gdzie wszyscy niezależnie od rasy, narodowości oraz statusu społecznego mogą brać udział w tej samej dyscyplinie. Tutaj na międzynarodowym lotnisku we Frankfurcie, naszą dyscypliną jest znalezienie kolejnej bramki, czy też bagażu. Z sukcesem zlokalizowałam bagietkową kanapkę oraz kawę, po czym przyjęłam odpoczywającąContinue reading “Polko – Kanadyjka : )”

Elan Haiti…

…i Pierwsza Międzynarodowa Konferencja Młodzieżowa na Haiti podkreśla zaangażowanie młodych Haitańczyków w odbudowie kraju Krótko o konferencji: Nazwa: Elan Haiti 2014 – (Pierwsza) Międzynarodowa Konferencja Młodzieżowa – website and Facebook Miejsce: Uniwersytet Henri Christophe w Limonade, Północne Haiti Czas: 15 – 18 listopada, 2014 Organizator: Elan Haiti (Haiti) grupy Echo Uczestnicy: setka wybranych młodych ludzi zContinue reading “Elan Haiti…”

Startups4Charity: services modernes offerts gratuitement aux ONG

Un jour un group de jeunes polonais à Varsovie se sont posé une question importante : “Qu’est-ce que les Startups font pour participer au développement ? Est-ce qu’elles pourraient collaborer avec les ONG ?”.  C’est ainsi qu’est né le projet de Startups4Charity.  Entre autres, on peut y trouver des services gratuits (ou à prix trèsContinue reading “Startups4Charity: services modernes offerts gratuitement aux ONG”

la polonaise-canadienne

I love airports. I guess it’s like the olympics or the UN in a way. Where everyone regardless of race, nation or social status is invited to take part in the same activity. Here in Frankfurt International our sport is finding our next gate, a piece of luggage. I’ve successfully tracked down a bagel sandwichContinue reading “la polonaise-canadienne”

Entrepreneurial and exciting (with a mild case of confusion) – my Polish diagnosis

“Today, I told a beautiful woman waiting to cross the street that she wore a lovely dress, she flashed me a brilliant smile and uttered the two most blessed words in this world “dziękuję bardzo” “People are still quite rude and grumpy looking in Poland”, my mother notices. “Poland is poor in many ways, thereContinue reading “Entrepreneurial and exciting (with a mild case of confusion) – my Polish diagnosis”

Mastering the VC Game by Jeffrey Bussgang – something of a book review

Well here’s a new read to add to the chronicles… all about venture capital, entrepreneurs, start-ups and the world-changing dance that evolves between them. Really, I downloaded a few samples of books about Venture Capital (VC) to iBooks, read a few and then decided on the full version of this one.  It’s written clearly, withContinue reading “Mastering the VC Game by Jeffrey Bussgang – something of a book review”

When a 1 week vacation can feel like 3: a bike, boat and sight-seeing tour of the Danube

(May 25th, 2014 at noon) On the train from Passau, Germany to Munich, I return from my first river cruise and bike-tour combo satisfied, well fed and simply happy. When Darren Alff from bicycletouringpro.com invited me to accompany him on this tour several months ago I would have never imagined that my 1 week holiday could feel soContinue reading “When a 1 week vacation can feel like 3: a bike, boat and sight-seeing tour of the Danube”