Making inside of yourself a safe place to be

As I embark soon on a new adventure to a new place, one which is very likely to be less comfortable and entertaining from a Western perspective than my previous home base, I feel completely at peace with my decision. Driving around Calgary yesterday morning I imagined chatting with a local teenager about my choiceContinue reading “Making inside of yourself a safe place to be”

The 4 biggest differences when working with the French (and Francophones)

French is the official language in nearly 30 countries around the world. France was busy colonizing many parts of the New World and Africa…the remaining effects of which are the spreading of France’s language, culture and mentality to many nations around the world. It is my pleasure and honour to have discovered several Francophone (meaningContinue reading “The 4 biggest differences when working with the French (and Francophones)”

Polko – Kanadyjka : )

Kocham lotniska. Można powiedzieć, że są trochę jak igrzyska olimpijskie lub ONZ , gdzie wszyscy niezależnie od rasy, narodowości oraz statusu społecznego mogą brać udział w tej samej dyscyplinie. Tutaj na międzynarodowym lotnisku we Frankfurcie, naszą dyscypliną jest znalezienie kolejnej bramki, czy też bagażu. Z sukcesem zlokalizowałam bagietkową kanapkę oraz kawę, po czym przyjęłam odpoczywającąContinue reading “Polko – Kanadyjka : )”

la polonaise-canadienne

I love airports. I guess it’s like the olympics or the UN in a way. Where everyone regardless of race, nation or social status is invited to take part in the same activity. Here in Frankfurt International our sport is finding our next gate, a piece of luggage. I’ve successfully tracked down a bagel sandwichContinue reading “la polonaise-canadienne”

Oh but to live in a chicken coop again

Stories of home and hearth : central Alberta, Canada – June-Sept 2013 When the Fishers and I decided to work together last summer, I was to be living out at their farm near the town of Didsbury most days in the week, and touching base with the big city life in Calgary the other daysContinue reading “Oh but to live in a chicken coop again”

Some more Haiti after the fact – connections in Calgary

In the in-between land of Calgary, after leaving Haiti and before returning to my home country of Poland, I had the opportunity to share about my experiences in the beautiful, island nation that was my home in the Caribbean. Firstly, at Mount Royal University Melanie Rathburn, an associate professor at MRU, and I were able toContinue reading “Some more Haiti after the fact – connections in Calgary”