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I went looking for purpose… but did I find it ? (part 1)

So, here we go. I'm attempting it. A three part blog post on looking for purpose. Here's the topic for part 1: "suffering is a universal, human condition. Its forms and depth vary." I will now explain what I mean. It's 2014, and I'm living and working in the Caribbean. It's November, and it's hot.… Continue reading I went looking for purpose… but did I find it ? (part 1)

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Inshallah-ing my way through life

I've been reprogrammed. I recognize it and.. I like it! At least this one specific program which has been rewired within me. And the root of this wisdom lies in the Arabic term of "Inshallah". Literally translated it means "If God wills it". Translated to life it means that you can do everything right, you… Continue reading Inshallah-ing my way through life

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Africa is born within you

I'm going inside. The cold means an internal and an external “turning within” - to fire and hearth, to bundles of scarves and wool. There's a subtle tenseness to the skin, as we turn towards our innermost thoughts. Good thing I’ve made inside of myself a safe place to be. The first cold we feel… Continue reading Africa is born within you

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Making inside of yourself a safe place to be

As I embark soon on a new adventure to a new place, one which is very likely to be less comfortable and entertaining from a Western perspective than my previous home base, I feel completely at peace with my decision. Driving around Calgary yesterday morning I imagined chatting with a local teenager about my choice… Continue reading Making inside of yourself a safe place to be

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Look up, look deep and tell me what you see

I'm fixing up my résumé, and it's not for the first or the last time. I also realize that what I want to write is not necessarily what I should write. They tell me that I'm meant to list, yet again, my education and work experiences. I want to write the whole truth. I want… Continue reading Look up, look deep and tell me what you see

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Blood stream

It's nighttime and past my bedtime but for a day like today it's worth sacrificing a little bit of sleep time. A perfect day. One of so many perfect days in Dakar. I like to practice managing annoyances wisely. Many hours sitting in car traffic equals a growing appreciation of audiobooks. My current audio lecture… Continue reading Blood stream

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A pretty blouse, another tear masked

Stories about appearances. A year ago, in my day-job in Dakar, we were having a horrible time coming to terms with a jumble of various damaged rice bags belonging to different receivers. Imagine thousands upon thousands of bags, some in containers, rotting, others thrown into warehouse corners covered in cobwebs their colourful logos faded with… Continue reading A pretty blouse, another tear masked

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A story for a Senegalese friend

The phone rang on a Friday afternoon several weeks ago from a woman I knew from work. She is Senegalese, a manager in a logistics firm responsible for handling a large part of the rice imports (and other soft commodities) into the country, and I'm the rep of a French survey firm contracted by the… Continue reading A story for a Senegalese friend

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A Saturday description

As I'm sitting in my living room, I look around myself, all the way around, and I tell you what I see. In front of me are the windowed doors to my terrace, on the terrace are the plants, new plants too, I brought a baby, baobab tree home today. I was told white blossoms… Continue reading A Saturday description