Every house its own kingdom, every man for himself

An island nation of islands. Identifying problems in Haiti is a national pastime. Numerous are the meetings and conversations which begin or end with the phrase “You see, the problem in Haiti is _________.” Fill in the blank. It’s the government, it’s corruption. It’s the mentality of the people, it’s the lack of competent humanContinue reading “Every house its own kingdom, every man for himself”

24 photos for the 24th of March, 2015

I decided to document my day in photos, with a bit of commentary. Just an ordinary-miracle kind of day, here in Fort-Liberté, Haïti. Beautiful sun, shared laughs and plenty of sweetness 😉   Wake up to blue skies and my room, as seen through the mosquito netting. My first thought is to see my plants.Continue reading “24 photos for the 24th of March, 2015”

Farmers, meet your new best friend: PayPal

Correct.  The online payment processor, PayPal, is a great tool for you too, dear food producer.  Here are the top 5 wonderful things about PayPal and more information on how using PayPal will affect your business. 1. Automating your payments Cheques need to go to the bank to become usable and eTransfers require logging intoContinue reading “Farmers, meet your new best friend: PayPal”

Recruit your evangelists

Call ’em what you will.  A team captain. An organizer. I revel in the term “evangelist”, mostly because it’s the same term Joel Salatin uses for the ladies that organize his buyers for the online buying club 🙂 So, these evangelists are your first step into creating new corporate CSA programs.  But how do youContinue reading “Recruit your evangelists”

Presenting your farm at a company Lunch ‘n Learn

If you’re thinking about starting a CCSA (corporate CSA program), it’s a good idea to get to know the employees who want to participate and to give them the opportunity to learn about you, your farm and the farming practices you stand for.  A presentation for your group is a great idea, especially in theContinue reading “Presenting your farm at a company Lunch ‘n Learn”

Pitfalls of CSA programs & how “going corporate” can improve your customer experience

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model is great, but far from ideal.  The modern consumer is accustomed to convenience and choice especially when purchasing food.  The typical CSA model flies in the face of everything these consumers are used to.  It requires an individual to find and sign-up with a farm, pre-pay in advance forContinue reading “Pitfalls of CSA programs & how “going corporate” can improve your customer experience”

Corporate CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs – The Basic Scoop

What is a corporate CSA program? A regular CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program means individual people buy half or full shares of veggie boxes from a local farm for a season.  A corporate program works in very much the same way except that a group of people, in this case a group of colleagues from aContinue reading “Corporate CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs – The Basic Scoop”

New materials, plants and ideas

So after the awesome Seedy Saturday event this past weekend I’ve made definite advances in my Calgary Woodlands design. First and foremost I purchased seeds and even a few plugs – anything from sunflowers to kale – I know I’ll need a lot more but atleast it’s a start. Have collected several dozen burlap bagsContinue reading “New materials, plants and ideas”

A collage of planter ideas using recycled materials

This is a collage of a dozen or so planter ideas I’m thinking of putting into action in the new Woodlands Perma project So, basically… I’ve got to phone around local businesses to see if I can get a few shipping containers, coffee bags and the like (I love the look!!) and figure out ifContinue reading “A collage of planter ideas using recycled materials”