Elan Haiti…

…i Pierwsza Międzynarodowa Konferencja Młodzieżowa na Haiti podkreśla zaangażowanie młodych Haitańczyków w odbudowie kraju Krótko o konferencji: Nazwa: Elan Haiti 2014 – (Pierwsza) Międzynarodowa Konferencja Młodzieżowa – website and Facebook Miejsce: Uniwersytet Henri Christophe w Limonade, Północne Haiti Czas: 15 – 18 listopada, 2014 Organizator: Elan Haiti (Haiti) grupy Echo Uczestnicy: setka wybranych młodych ludzi zContinue reading “Elan Haiti…”

Oh but to live in a chicken coop again

Stories of home and hearth : central Alberta, Canada – June-Sept 2013 When the Fishers and I decided to work together last summer, I was to be living out at their farm near the town of Didsbury most days in the week, and touching base with the big city life in Calgary the other daysContinue reading “Oh but to live in a chicken coop again”

Some more Haiti after the fact – connections in Calgary

In the in-between land of Calgary, after leaving Haiti and before returning to my home country of Poland, I had the opportunity to share about my experiences in the beautiful, island nation that was my home in the Caribbean. Firstly, at Mount Royal University Melanie Rathburn, an associate professor at MRU, and I were able toContinue reading “Some more Haiti after the fact – connections in Calgary”

Biochar…please be my Valentine!

While you may have been getting cosy and lovey-dovey with your romanic interest this past Valentine’s Day…I was getting up close and personal with a hot interest of my own: biochar! That’s right, a few lucky individuals from our IRATAM office headed out of Cap-Haitien to Quartier Morin bright and early Friday morning to learnContinue reading “Biochar…please be my Valentine!”

Haiti – Coffee & Bean – Part I

Original article. (Reposted from http://www.farmspiration.com) Excerpt: ” It’s true.  I recently learned that, right after petroleum, coffee is the world’s second largest commodity market!  Although I am just now delving into this fascinating choreography of production, processing and international export, working directly with farmers and coffee cooperatives here in Haiti is sure to speed up myContinue reading “Haiti – Coffee & Bean – Part I”

Recruit your evangelists

Call ’em what you will.  A team captain. An organizer. I revel in the term “evangelist”, mostly because it’s the same term Joel Salatin uses for the ladies that organize his buyers for the online buying club 🙂 So, these evangelists are your first step into creating new corporate CSA programs.  But how do youContinue reading “Recruit your evangelists”

Presenting your farm at a company Lunch ‘n Learn

If you’re thinking about starting a CCSA (corporate CSA program), it’s a good idea to get to know the employees who want to participate and to give them the opportunity to learn about you, your farm and the farming practices you stand for.  A presentation for your group is a great idea, especially in theContinue reading “Presenting your farm at a company Lunch ‘n Learn”

Pitfalls of CSA programs & how “going corporate” can improve your customer experience

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model is great, but far from ideal.  The modern consumer is accustomed to convenience and choice especially when purchasing food.  The typical CSA model flies in the face of everything these consumers are used to.  It requires an individual to find and sign-up with a farm, pre-pay in advance forContinue reading “Pitfalls of CSA programs & how “going corporate” can improve your customer experience”

Corporate CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs – The Basic Scoop

What is a corporate CSA program? A regular CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program means individual people buy half or full shares of veggie boxes from a local farm for a season.  A corporate program works in very much the same way except that a group of people, in this case a group of colleagues from aContinue reading “Corporate CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs – The Basic Scoop”