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Every house its own kingdom, every man for himself

An island nation of islands. Identifying problems in Haiti is a national pastime. Numerous are the meetings and conversations which begin or end with the phrase "You see, the problem in Haiti is _________." Fill in the blank. It's the government, it's corruption. It's the mentality of the people, it's the lack of competent human… Continue reading Every house its own kingdom, every man for himself

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24 photos for the 24th of March, 2015

I decided to document my day in photos, with a bit of commentary. Just an ordinary-miracle kind of day, here in Fort-Liberté, Haïti. Beautiful sun, shared laughs and plenty of sweetness 😉   Wake up to blue skies and my room, as seen through the mosquito netting. My first thought is to see my plants.… Continue reading 24 photos for the 24th of March, 2015

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Elan Haiti…

...i Pierwsza Międzynarodowa Konferencja Młodzieżowa na Haiti podkreśla zaangażowanie młodych Haitańczyków w odbudowie kraju Krótko o konferencji: Nazwa: Elan Haiti 2014 – (Pierwsza) Międzynarodowa Konferencja Młodzieżowa - website and Facebook Miejsce: Uniwersytet Henri Christophe w Limonade, Północne Haiti Czas: 15 - 18 listopada, 2014 Organizator: Elan Haiti (Haiti) grupy Echo Uczestnicy: setka wybranych młodych ludzi z… Continue reading Elan Haiti…

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Oh but to live in a chicken coop again

Stories of home and hearth : central Alberta, Canada - June-Sept 2013 When the Fishers and I decided to work together last summer, I was to be living out at their farm near the town of Didsbury most days in the week, and touching base with the big city life in Calgary the other days… Continue reading Oh but to live in a chicken coop again

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Some more Haiti after the fact – connections in Calgary

In the in-between land of Calgary, after leaving Haiti and before returning to my home country of Poland, I had the opportunity to share about my experiences in the beautiful, island nation that was my home in the Caribbean. Firstly, at Mount Royal University Melanie Rathburn, an associate professor at MRU, and I were able to… Continue reading Some more Haiti after the fact – connections in Calgary

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Biochar…please be my Valentine!

While you may have been getting cosy and lovey-dovey with your romanic interest this past Valentine's Day...I was getting up close and personal with a hot interest of my own: biochar! That's right, a few lucky individuals from our IRATAM office headed out of Cap-Haitien to Quartier Morin bright and early Friday morning to learn… Continue reading Biochar…please be my Valentine!

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Community Supported Agriculture – easy on the wallet?

(Alberta, Canada; summer 2013) Data collection: Jolanta Szewczyk (CSA member) Summary and write-up: Kasia Szewczyk of www.permaprocess.com CSA farm: Eagle Creek Farms (Bowden, AB, Canada) http://www.eaglecreekfarms.ca Summary There are many advantages to participating in a CSA program - access to locally and sustainably grown produce, supporting local farms and businesses and enjoying in-season and fresh vegetables.  But… Continue reading Community Supported Agriculture – easy on the wallet?

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Haiti – Coffee & Bean – Part I

Original article. (Reposted from http://www.farmspiration.com) Excerpt: " It’s true.  I recently learned that, right after petroleum, coffee is the world’s second largest commodity market!  Although I am just now delving into this fascinating choreography of production, processing and international export, working directly with farmers and coffee cooperatives here in Haiti is sure to speed up my… Continue reading Haiti – Coffee & Bean – Part I

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A simple, CSA-friendly eNewsletter format

This summer, while working with Fisher Farms (www.fisherfarms.net), I've been following a straight-forward and effective format for the weekly eNewsletter (aka. an eZine) that we send out to our CSA customers and to all of our followers. We use MailChimp (www.mailchimp.com) as our platform (it's free for your first 2,000 subscribers!) and have been enjoying… Continue reading A simple, CSA-friendly eNewsletter format