A story for a Senegalese friend

The phone rang on a Friday afternoon several weeks ago from a woman I knew from work. She is Senegalese, a manager in a logistics firm responsible for handling a large part of the rice imports (and other soft commodities) into the country, and I’m the rep of a French survey firm contracted by theContinue reading “A story for a Senegalese friend”

The Journey of a single bag of rice – Part I

At first glance, unloading cargo from a vessel looks like a horde of ants invading a juicy piece of cake. The vessel is huge, the people are little, and up and down the swaying ladder attached to the side of the ship, we (underwriters), insurers, other surveyors, dockers and supervisors climb on board to joinContinue reading “The Journey of a single bag of rice – Part I”

The 4 biggest differences when working with the French (and Francophones)

French is the official language in nearly 30 countries around the world. France was busy colonizing many parts of the New World and Africa…the remaining effects of which are the spreading of France’s language, culture and mentality to many nations around the world. It is my pleasure and honour to have discovered several Francophone (meaningContinue reading “The 4 biggest differences when working with the French (and Francophones)”

Aïd el-Fitr (la Korité) festivities in Medina – the images

Celebrating the end of Ramadan in Medina, typical African neighbourhood of Dakar – in images. Peeking in on the women in the hair salons, the children in the streets and the beautiful, festive wear for the occasion. Includes spontaneous bike tricks from passing youth. …and, our fair dose of what I like to call “loungeContinue reading “Aïd el-Fitr (la Korité) festivities in Medina – the images”

Greetings from two months in

Me: Salam aleekum. Taxi Driver: Malekum Salam. (conversation around destination and taxi price ensues, in (my) patchy Wolof) Taxi Driver: How long have you been here? (a trickle of sweat slips down my back) Me: Two months. Ñaari wer.…Two months, and a bit. Taxi Driver: You are Senegalese now. Me (to myself): It’s time IContinue reading “Greetings from two months in”

A day trip to the Island of Gorée, in images

A journey in images from yesterday’s trip to Ile de la Gorée. The island is a 30 minute ferry ride away from Dakar. Arriving into the port. Then, an impromptu photo shoot near a beautiful, bright blue door. This is my first adventure with having custom-made clothes sown using the local fabrics. I’m convinced thatContinue reading “A day trip to the Island of Gorée, in images”