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Happy Mental Health Day. Pun intended.

You take time every single day to shower, brush your teeth. You do your best to eat wholesome food. You make sure you get quality sleep. Good for you --> that is called physical hygiene. But what about your mental and emotional hygiene?

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“Random” Acts of Kindness

I was going for a walk around my neighbourhood today. A pretty typical thing to do especially when you work at the computer. I needed to move the bones around and get the blood flowing. I was less on my phone and more present with my surroundings when I noticed the gate and the car.… Continue reading “Random” Acts of Kindness

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Judgment detoxification

Folks, I think it's high time we stop it. We need to stop this foolishness. Judgment. Why are we judging each other constantly? Why am I judging myself constantly? When I know - and I know it deep down - that I am doing the best that I can every day. Yet I'm requiring more,… Continue reading Judgment detoxification

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The Subtle Art of Relaxation

I gaze at my candle, at my sacred images and objects, a mishmash of cultures and references that are all significant to me. There's a quote from the Little Prince, my recent Osho card drawn from my deck, a photo of me when I'm four years old laughing over something which was obviously hilarious. There's… Continue reading The Subtle Art of Relaxation

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Sundays in Dakar

Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip the horses’ hooves made echoing noises on the pavement as the thin man with his tired nag trotted smartly forward, pulling a simple wooden platform piled high with cement bricks. The horse-drawn cart was more audible than usual because the neighbourhood was quieter than usual, but that’s because it was Sunday. The… Continue reading Sundays in Dakar

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Africa is born within you

I'm going inside. The cold means an internal and an external “turning within” - to fire and hearth, to bundles of scarves and wool. There's a subtle tenseness to the skin, as we turn towards our innermost thoughts. Good thing I’ve made inside of myself a safe place to be. The first cold we feel… Continue reading Africa is born within you

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The Pancha-what? First trip to an Indian Ashram.

How does one summarize 2 weeks  experience of a first-time in India, first-time in an Ashram and first-time doing a Panchakarma program? With a first-rate smile, I hope. First, let's define the terms we'll be referring to: 1. India, in this case the deep south-west, the province of Kerala. After flying into Trivanandrum (also known… Continue reading The Pancha-what? First trip to an Indian Ashram.

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Running Water

When the water don’t flow the day feels incomplete. I walk around my single room flat with the incense I burn before I sleep and it and the flames of the candles show me imbalance - we have fire but we have no water. Running water that is. Of course I have reserve water. No… Continue reading Running Water

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No, Thank You, I’m allergic.

Just found this little pearl of a personal note from the end of last year, when I was clearly experiencing a classic case of Africa-fatigue ...a malady which manifests in my person every so often with symptoms of abundant and exasperated sarcasm. 17.10.2018 - Thiès - Day 3 Because you've heated up water on the… Continue reading No, Thank You, I’m allergic.