You won’t get the job if you take yourself too seriously

(The story below is based on true events, while working in Senegal) The recruitment day was going well. The head of HR was accompanied by a sales manager, and they were both satisfied with how things were moving forward. Their pre-selection process ensured that they were now interviewing their best candidates for the job (thatContinue reading “You won’t get the job if you take yourself too seriously”

Inshallah-ing my way through life

I’ve been reprogrammed. I recognize it and.. I like it! At least this one specific program which has been rewired within me. And the root of this wisdom lies in the Arabic term of “Inshallah”. Literally translated it means “If God wills it”. Translated to life it means that you can do everything right, youContinue reading “Inshallah-ing my way through life”

The Pancha-what? First trip to an Indian Ashram.

How does one summarize 2 weeks  experience of a first-time in India, first-time in an Ashram and first-time doing a Panchakarma program? With a first-rate smile, I hope. First, let’s define the terms we’ll be referring to: 1. India, in this case the deep south-west, the province of Kerala. After flying into Trivanandrum (also knownContinue reading “The Pancha-what? First trip to an Indian Ashram.”

Sweat and Smile more: it’s October in Senegal

It’s that month of the year in Senegal when we all secretly wish we could exit the country – it’s October. It’s our month when we endure the heat and humidity of the rainy season but without the welcome breaks that come with the coolness of the rains. In short, it’s hot and humid allContinue reading “Sweat and Smile more: it’s October in Senegal”

Oh those darned things Grandmothers say

We while away the time by cooking and eating. My grandma cooks, and I eat. Before and after our copious meals we talk. It turns out that my grandma’s preserves and roast turkey hock also come with a rich accompaniment of home-cooked Polish expressions. Like idioms, just no one else has ever heard of them.Continue reading “Oh those darned things Grandmothers say”

Typhoid is typical and everyone is an electrician

As I write this I’m laying on my bed and flailing my legs above me as I let the fan bring some air to my body and liberated nether regions. I take in this very full, and very social day in Haiti. My feet are heavy with the heat and humidity.  It’s summer in theContinue reading “Typhoid is typical and everyone is an electrician”