My Top 10 Wellness Practices of 2020

This year I did more of some things and less of others… and it has made all the difference. This has been a year of letting go of control. A year of learning to deeply trust in the wisdom of what is unfolding for me, what is unfolding for all of us. Here’s a listContinue reading “My Top 10 Wellness Practices of 2020”

Making inside of yourself a safe place to be

As I embark soon on a new adventure to a new place, one which is very likely to be less comfortable and entertaining from a Western perspective than my previous home base, I feel completely at peace with my decision. Driving around Calgary yesterday morning I imagined chatting with a local teenager about my choiceContinue reading “Making inside of yourself a safe place to be”

Disconnect to Reconnect: about Wifi’s fuzzy reminder

“We invest our time and energy into who and what we value.” Morning meditation and conversations at the Offline House can go real deep, real quick. I’ve been happily resting and rejuvenating my body, soul and mind with surfing, nature, yoga and great books at a concept-Hostel in the south of Portugal called the OfflineContinue reading “Disconnect to Reconnect: about Wifi’s fuzzy reminder”

On blessings, dreams, new beginnings and giving myself the recognition that I long for

I count myself as one of the blessed on this planet, the oh-so-very blessed. Not only because my cup overflows with good health, happiness, a quick wit and an ease and pleasure for contact with others. These are infinite blessings in and of themselves, you might think I have it all already… and yet IContinue reading “On blessings, dreams, new beginnings and giving myself the recognition that I long for”

Just let go of the bar – Kite-surfing’s big life lesson

Rule #1 when you’re learning kite surfing: when it gets challenging, too strong or scary, just let go of the bar.  The bar is how you steer and control the kite flying above you, this fabric and lines that captures the incredible power of the wind and propels you forward with it. It takes practiceContinue reading “Just let go of the bar – Kite-surfing’s big life lesson”

Północny wschód na pieszo: Wspinaczka na Fort Capois i szczyt Sarazin

Słuchając historii o Péralte oraz historii walki o Haitańską niepodległość, ruszyliśmy ponownie szlakiem, pozostawiając jego północną górską bazę oraz miejsce jego zgonu. Nasza podróż powrotna przebiegła bez specjalnych atrakcji może poza przystankiem na pyszne pomarańcze otrzymane od pobliskiego rolnika. Świetna i bardzo przydatna przekąska!

The North-East on foot : Hiking Fort Capois & the peak of Sarazin

In the aura of early morning mists. There are plenty of photos available on Flickr ! 1. Fort Capois. 05.12.2014 We leave Sainte-Suzanne at 6:30, pick up our guide and a cup of hot, freshly roasted peanuts that we munch on our way to Fort Capois – the same peak that the legendary Charlemagne PéralteContinue reading “The North-East on foot : Hiking Fort Capois & the peak of Sarazin”

4 Reasons Why This Food Lover Enjoys Fasting

It feels fitting that on a failed fast day I should write about the wonders of intermitten fasting. Today I tried, and failed, to adhere to a 1-day fast. Last week, I succeeded. Whatever the outcome, putting an ounce more conscious thought not only into what I eat but when I eat it, has provenContinue reading “4 Reasons Why This Food Lover Enjoys Fasting”