Typhoid is typical and everyone is an electrician

As I write this I’m laying on my bed and flailing my legs above me as I let the fan bring some air to my body and liberated nether regions. I take in this very full, and very social day in Haiti. My feet are heavy with the heat and humidity.  It’s summer in theContinue reading “Typhoid is typical and everyone is an electrician”

Oh but to live in a chicken coop again

Stories of home and hearth : central Alberta, Canada – June-Sept 2013 When the Fishers and I decided to work together last summer, I was to be living out at their farm near the town of Didsbury most days in the week, and touching base with the big city life in Calgary the other daysContinue reading “Oh but to live in a chicken coop again”

Entrepreneurial and exciting (with a mild case of confusion) – my Polish diagnosis

“Today, I told a beautiful woman waiting to cross the street that she wore a lovely dress, she flashed me a brilliant smile and uttered the two most blessed words in this world “dziękuję bardzo” “People are still quite rude and grumpy looking in Poland”, my mother notices. “Poland is poor in many ways, thereContinue reading “Entrepreneurial and exciting (with a mild case of confusion) – my Polish diagnosis”

When a 1 week vacation can feel like 3: a bike, boat and sight-seeing tour of the Danube

(May 25th, 2014 at noon) On the train from Passau, Germany to Munich, I return from my first river cruise and bike-tour combo satisfied, well fed and simply happy. When Darren Alff from bicycletouringpro.com invited me to accompany him on this tour several months ago I would have never imagined that my 1 week holiday could feel soContinue reading “When a 1 week vacation can feel like 3: a bike, boat and sight-seeing tour of the Danube”

How to celebrate Agriculture Day with a paintbrush (and etching tool)

It was a coincidence (or was it?) that I headed out to Fire Escape (the pottery painting place in Calgary) last Thursday, May 1st. May 1st also happens to be Labour and Agriculture Day in Haiti.  I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to pay my tributes to Kouzen Zaca, the patron Iwa of farmers.  HisContinue reading “How to celebrate Agriculture Day with a paintbrush (and etching tool)”

Involving cellphones and time: an intro to Digicel in Haiti

The American woman sitting next to me in the CaribeTours bus – we are headed to Cap-Haitien from Santiago in the Dominican Republic – smiles at me knowingly and nods “Yup, it’s true, if you thought that Haiti is primitive now, it’s nothing to how it was 5 or 10 years ago”.  My eyes widenContinue reading “Involving cellphones and time: an intro to Digicel in Haiti”

30 goats jogging through a Karate film

Last night, we were several hundred in the small square of Sainte-Suzanne watching a Chinese karate movie under the palm trees and stars.  Dispersed among the hills and greenery, it feels like only several hundred families live here, in this village in North Eastern Haiti, instead of the documented 25,000 individuals.  We gather together inContinue reading “30 goats jogging through a Karate film”

My personal Haitian context – real and primary

My primary source of frustration this past week has not really been an ongoing lack of sleep, or digestive troubles or seeing the misery and garbage of the Haitian 3rd world reality.  Rather, I am annoyed to find it so difficult to talk about and share any of this unique experience with anyone.  The HaitiansContinue reading “My personal Haitian context – real and primary”