Consistency is more important than intensity

Have you ever talked with an artist or a painter about the creative process? I have – scores of times. Not to mention that I too create and observe how this magical process unfolds within myself. While creation and inspiration varies for all of us, do you know what remains the same? None of usContinue reading “Consistency is more important than intensity”

“Random” Acts of Kindness

I was going for a walk around my neighbourhood today. A pretty typical thing to do especially when you work at the computer. I needed to move the bones around and get the blood flowing. I was less on my phone and more present with my surroundings when I noticed the gate and the car.Continue reading ““Random” Acts of Kindness”

I am well. I am here. I’m willing to help if needed. YOU need only ask.

It is time to write to you again. If I have remained silent in the last while it is because the turbulence of things got to me too. I have made it through my own small storm to settle in the peace on the other side. And that peace is acceptance of what is. AndContinue reading “I am well. I am here. I’m willing to help if needed. YOU need only ask.”

In Praise of Mini-Retirements & How YOU can go on one too

I first read about this idea of mini-retirements in Tim Ferris’ book called the 4-hour work week. The idea stuck and I’ve been taking breaks between work contracts to travel and volunteer ever since. I for one do not want to wait until I’m 65 to enjoy discovering different activities and parts of the worldContinue reading “In Praise of Mini-Retirements & How YOU can go on one too”

A major cause of work stress…and it’s not what you think

Mental stress is defined as how events in one’s external or internal environment are perceived, resulting in the psychological experience of distress and anxiety (source). The question of perception and of our personal capacity to adapt and to welcome uncomfortable events and feelings means that different people can react to the same external or internalContinue reading “A major cause of work stress…and it’s not what you think”

The Subtle Art of Relaxation

I gaze at my candle, at my sacred images and objects, a mishmash of cultures and references that are all significant to me. There’s a quote from the Little Prince, my recent Osho card drawn from my deck, a photo of me when I’m four years old laughing over something which was obviously hilarious. There’sContinue reading “The Subtle Art of Relaxation”

Is it criticism or feedback? 3 ways to find out

We love talking about growth mindset inside of our companies, right? Growth is necessary, and yet growth can also be painful – because it’s human nature to resist change, even when it’s good for us! Giving and receiving quality feedback is a key component of this growth. Others see us often than we see ourselves.Continue reading “Is it criticism or feedback? 3 ways to find out”

Praise in Public, Criticize in Private

Simple practices that make human interactions more respectful, and management more manageable. The title statement or idea is something I learned (intellectually) in my early 20s, but it’s not until I started practicing it later in my career as a manager that I fully understood its true weight. Let’s make it clear that this phraseContinue reading “Praise in Public, Criticize in Private”