Awakening Coaching

sunshine-through-the-forest-3416Hello there!

Welcome to my blog and website.

I’m so happy that I can share even a tidbit of the wisdom and enjoyment that I have gained during my time in learning and practicing Awakening Coaching.  My name is Kasia (pronounced “Kash – ah”), I come from Canada, and I’m an Awakening Coaching intern meaning that I am fully qualified to give mini sessions like this Radical Awakening session.

What is Awakening Coaching? 

It is a partnership between a coach and a client in which the coach supports the client in directly realizing his or her potential. More on this here:

What is Radical Awakening? 

It is one of the 7 innate brilliances that make up the key tools in the toolkit of the Awakening Coach. Arjuna Ardagh, the founder of Awakening Coaching, explains it all beautifully for you right here:

Is this for me?

If you are reading this page and have had a look at and you find that even the tiniest spark of curiosity has opened its eyes within you and is eager to learn more then… yes, this is for you.

What will our 60 min. session be like? 

We will have a discussion and I will ask you some questions.

What do I need to do to prepare for my session? 

Please make sure that you are rested and alert. Limit the potential distractions and noise to an absolute minimum. Tell your family and friends that you do not want to be disturbed for at least one hour. Turn off your cell phone. You want to have privacy and to feel safe, quiet and calm.

What do I need for this session?

You need:

  • Skype and a Skype account
  • a device (smart phone, computer, tablet)
  • a means of talking and hearing via Skype (ex. headset, ear buds with microphone or other)
  • and a good Internet connection

I don’t think this is for me!!

That’s totally OK. Why don’t you give this gift to someone who you think would appreciate it? These tools aren’t for everybody, but they sure do serve a lot of people really well.

…still there?

Great 🙂

Well then go ahead and email me so that we can schedule your session, and we’ll go from there!

See you very soon,

With love,