I can write, photograph and tell you all about my life in Africa (with the spotlight on Senegal and Dakar). My take on it is that I’m here to enjoy life, inspire others and build bridges of understanding. It’s fascinating to me, perhaps it will be interesting for you too?


I could share about my past too, naturally. It includes being born (in Poland) and growing up (in Canada) a lot of travel and exploration in the meantime. Special places in my heart for Spain, Peru and Haiti in particular. Recognizing that I am one of the very blessed (and the very curious).

I do by best to be present here and now and to not take tomorrow for granted. Grabbing that bull, so to speak, horns and all.


If I am blessed enough to get more of the present in the future I would (please) like a continuation of the delicious life right now: love, friendship, family, writing, surfing and getting to know myself and my soul’s journey here even deeper.


The privilege of a lifetime is being who I am.

Thank you for stopping by this page.

…and if you haven’t fully grasped who I am yet, that’s good. Neither have I.


So let’s go ahead and peel away another layer shall we…


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