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“Every leaf that grows will tell you: what you sow will bear fruit, so if you have any sense my friend, don’t plant anything but Love.” – Rumi

My Story

370 moments of doubt-fear experienced (annual average)

—> No, I don’t actually count my mental hiccups, and yes, I experience lots of them, all the time. I’ve found that consistency (not intensity) matters more in my own growth just like in the art that I create. Every time I feel resistance to a new project, one that my heart really wants and my head is confused about, I ask myself two questions: “What would this look like if it were easy?”, and “How can I make space for even 5 minutes of creativity today to move this project forward?”. Easy is possible; 5 minutes can be magic.

Many (I wrote 23 just for fun) creative projects that came to fruition in the past 10 years

and these have included:

  • creating my own Permaculture design of a homestead
  • composing my own music on the piano
  • and my own songs on the guitar
  • writing my own book based on my solo bicycle trip across Europe (in 2012)
  • self-publishing above mentioned book
  • planted 3 avocado trees while living in Haiti
  • started painting (acrylic on canvas) when in Senegal
  • painted on glass in Senegal too
  • wrote another book about Haiti and the region where I was working
  • making my dreams come true: living in Africa
  • making my dreams come true: learning to horseback ride
  • completed a yoga teacher training course (and creating and teaching my own yoga sequences also feels like art!)
    ….and so much more

I believe that we were born to create and that art and music is one of our highest forms of self expression! Your dreams move within you for a reason.

3 coaching certifications:

  • certified Awakening Coach (USA 2016)
  • certified Hatha Yoga Instructor (Canada 2018)
  • certified Mindfulness Coach (Online 2020)

Almost every time I create I come face to face with self-judgment, fear and doubt. And yet, and yet…I know it’s possible to move beyond this.

Whether it’s working with my inner child, releasing beliefs that no longer serve, letting emotions flow…I know dozens of practices and methods to unblock the faucet and get that flow flowing once again.

1 mission – 100% dedicated to creativity

…and being part of the rhythm that brings to life the songs that lay dormant within us! (and the books, paintings, films, plays and more)

I am Polish-Canadian and I have lived and worked in private/NGO management projects across 4 continents; I speak English, French, Polish and Spanish fluently.

Acrylic painting 2020

“Katalina provides smart and honest direction. She knows how perspectives can change and she suggest the attainable. I know that she has my best interests at heart and she takes into account my story and my background when I open up to her. She listens without judgment. You rarely meet someone as kind, caring and as genuine.

Adriane, Canada

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