A Saturday description

As I’m sitting in my living room, I look around myself, all the way around, and I tell you what I see.

In front of me are the windowed doors to my terrace, on the terrace are the plants, new plants too, I brought a baby, baobab tree home today. I was told white blossoms on a baobab are rare; what I know is that they are beautiful. Across the street in front of me a new construction, grey, half-done, cement block, typical of Dakar. It won’t go higher than 4 stories, few buildings here do. If I step out unto the terrace and look to my right my view extends over the houses and palm-trees here, greens and beige and the bright, blue ocean only a few steps away, reassuring me. Back inside, the flight posters belong to my roommate, a pilot, reminding me there’s always more to see of Senegal, always more.

Jasmine green tea resides in a beautiful Moroccan tea-pot, a gift, patiently steeping. A collage of Vogue fashion and African images created several months ago hangs above the fan, turned off, and the light, unplugged. There’s plenty of light and breeze here now. Colouring crayons and a colouring book of mandalas next to me, an immensely colourful textile collage hangs behind me. Yet somehow, colour feeds the need for more colour, and I can’t wait for the next white lines and shapes to become undone.

Curtains flutter in the cross breeze between open terrace and open window, and I hang a pink scarf there too, so it can flutter along also, and it does, happily. My mosquito netting in the windows is splashed with the mud carried by the heavy rains during this past rainy season, you see, dirty. Somehow, it doesn’t bother me. Cushions line the bed-like sofas, our indoor baobab perched between. Books surround me, journals and personal planners too. Somehow it’s important to remember what’s important to me, you see, since anything is possible here, yet anything is not what I’m looking for, something special, particular and perfect for me is what I need.

I’ll bring a mango and messily eat it here, in a few minutes.
I’ll fill my pages with more colours, a few minutes after.

.. and then, I’ll take some time to relax even deeper.





Published by Katalina


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