A Sunday stroll on the beach in Yoff

Today is an important day for Muslims as they make their way to the Yoff Mosque to listen to a well-known Marabout speak. Everyone is dressed in white. Why? A young woman tells us this is so “you cannot tell the difference between the rich and the poor”.


Then, a walk along the beach turning here and there with my camera trying to capture some of the action. Birds (falcons, I think!), horse-drawn carts, police on horse-back, kids, more kids, kids playing soccer, passersby and so many young people asking to have their picture taken!






And my favourite shot of the day. So much to take in here!


And a few more, of the colourful fishing boats and horse carts.


Oh, the strange and not-so-strange things we can find on the beach. There were dead puffer fish too, some full of air like full balloons lying in the sand, some looked punctured.



I would love to see how these fishing boats are painted! Or, better yet, participate in the painting.


I love authentic smiles and natural, un-posed photos.

Near the water it looks like the goats are pilgrim-aging to the mosque as well. Some of them are even dressed in white.


She was a bit camera-shy at first.


Near my home I can hear both the airplanes taking off and the horse’s carts trotting along the street. Sometimes, all at once.


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