A day trip to the Island of Gorée, in images

A journey in images from yesterday’s trip to Ile de la Gorée.

The island is a 30 minute ferry ride away from Dakar.

Arriving into the port.



Then, an impromptu photo shoot near a beautiful, bright blue door. This is my first adventure with having custom-made clothes sown using the local fabrics. I’m convinced that us Caucasian ladies can pull off some of the darker, lighter designs like the one on this skirt. Your thoughts?


We visited one of the artisans that turns different coloured (and sourced) sands into charming artwork. Would love to come back and make a few of these myself!



Views from our walk through the streets of Gorée. Relaxed, clean and quiet streets and beautiful flowers at every corner.




Yup, that is the big city out there on the horizon.


.. and a few shots of some of our fellow travellers on the ferry coming back.



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