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My first book is published!! It’s here and it’s real!

My first ever book has been self-published in print and 10 copies are lying on the table in my living room.

(And it’s available on Amazon!) 

I paid the UPS guy 11 zlotes for the extra taxes. At 8:24 am today.

I am speechless.

What an incredible blessing. To be able to take a project, create it from nothing and then produce a pretty darn quality book from it nearly 2.5 years later! Deep down this is what the Ride to Read has really taught me. That an idea was born in my heart, while conversing with a healer and midwife in the Andes mountains of Peru, and that given this idea and fire I turned it into a fully fledged fundraiser and cycling project. And now it’s a book.

Maybe I’ll keep pulling on these threads and see what else might happen?

And my own words on this screen feel empty and silly. But they had to be written.

What an incredible journey. Simply incredible.


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