Some more Haiti after the fact – connections in Calgary

In the in-between land of Calgary, after leaving Haiti and before returning to my home country of Poland, I had the opportunity to share about my experiences in the beautiful, island nation that was my home in the Caribbean.

Mount Royal University - 24/04/2014
Mount Royal University – 24/04/2014

Firstly, at Mount Royal University Melanie Rathburn, an associate professor at MRU, and I were able to share about our coffee love in the world of Fair Trade and coffee cooperatives – my own in the North-East department of Haiti and Melanie’s in Honduras with the very impressive Café Capucas.  Thank you once again to the Diana Fletcher and Mike Quinn for organizing this event!

Also, the Haitian Association of Calgary (who were kind enough to help me prepare a few Haitian dishes for a private soirée organized for friends and family!) welcomed me to their general meeting to give those that know their own country best a quick update as to the Haitian coffee industry and the role of Fair Trade.  Also a great evening and a chance to exercise my Haitian Creole muscles (they insisted I could go easy and use French or English… but I couldn’t pass up such a great opportunity to practice Creole 😉

With the Haitian Association of Calgary - 26/04/2014
With the Haitian Association of Calgary – 26/04/2014

Calgarians: the Haitians in C-town are getting together for cultural events this summer where you can discover something more of the rich Haitian food, culture and music – stay tuned with

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