OK Okap, let’s hear it for the Rumba…

Two full weeks in the city have been as productive as two months in the mountain. I’ve started my freelance work, finished an eBook, wrapped up a report (almost), taken a lot of dance classes, met a lot of new people and applied to a Masters program. In Sainte-Suzanne, the ability to sit still for 30 minutes and do something – anything – coherent is considered a huge success, the energy is so relaxed, perhaps too much. Here in the middle of the hustling city the energy is intense and driven, perhaps a little too much. Internet is (almost) everywhere and accessible; I feel connected, with the times and my city-self once again. Yes, I miss the nature and could use a bit more peace and quiet… but then again I miss watching the olympics too. I’m coming to terms with the fact that silence fits in with Okap about as well as ski jumping.

I have a new love in my life – dance. I’d be a fool not to take advantage of excellent teachers, phenomenal prices (umm, under $2USD an hour…) and dance studios peppered all over the city just a few blocks from where I live. Yes, it’s official, I’m actually learning how to cha cha, rumba and jive properly for the first time in my life. The days of going to salsa and latin dancing evenings for fun and somewhat knowing where to step and what to shake are OVER. Only purposeful placement and confident hip action from now on. Plus, my teachers are hilarious, and don’t even know it. I’ve purposely chosen the guys with little to no experience teaching foreigners (aka. white people). They have no idea what a profound cultural experience they are providing me with. Like how tough they are in the classes (like, are we going professional or what?), how compliments and positive feedback are very rare (atleast when it happens, you know it’s sincere), and how inappropriately they grind up on you during evening socials. Haha. Ah, but wait, even the white-experienced Haitian teachers will do that. It’s just how it is here.

I feel I’ve found a good balance between work and play. Sitting at my computer for work, I get to dance it out and move to the music for relaxation. Now there are potential guitar lessons and Spanish classes I may be giving next week too. The diversity of activities is perfect.

New updates coming soon, I’ll be posting about a BioChar workshop very soon…

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