Haiti – Coffee & Bean – Part I

Original article. (Reposted from www.farmspiration.com)

Excerpt: ” It’s true.  I recently learned that, right after petroleum, coffee is the world’s second largest commodity market!  Although I am just now delving into this fascinating choreography of production, processing and international export, working directly with farmers and coffee cooperatives here in Haiti is sure to speed up my learning.  Although a huge coffee producer in the past, Haiti is now a small player overshadowed by the likes of Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Brazil, to name a few.  This does however mean that heritage and heirloom varieties of coffee have survived here where elsewhere they’ve been replaced by commercial crops.  The farms are small, thus sustainable and “organic” by definition, the farmers numerous, coming together in numerous cooperatives throughout the country to process and finally export the green beans to roasters in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Since IRATAM works directly with the Sainte-Suzanne coffee cooperative (KPKS – Koperatif Kafe Plante St-Sizane) a colleague and I were able to tour the processing facilities this week and learn about coffee’s journey from cherry to dried, green bean.

full article: http://www.farmspiration.com/haiti-coffee-bean-part-one/ 

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