As ready as I’ll ever be

Haitian Flag. The royal palm in the coat of arms represents independence.
Haitian Flag. The royal palm in the coat of arms represents independence.

I woke up this morning realizing that I’m ready for this.

My everything is a royal mess.  The room where I’ve been staying at my parent’s place is an eclectic mix of piles of clothes, piles of medications and must-buy-it-now-because-can’t-get-it-there stuff. With my tecchy pile in one corner, and my passports in another.  American dollars purchased, Canadian ones still in the wallet for the flight through Toronto and still no idea how much stuff costs in Haiti.  I should check that out, right? As in how many Haitian Gourdes a coffee might cost.  Or a beer.  Or mosquito repellent.

Because I know the small bottle I got at the camping store probably won’t last me for very long.

All in all, however. I am as ready as I will ever be.

It’s true, I haven’t really practiced my Haitian Creole in at least a month.  It’s not the first language I’ve learned however, so I keep reminding myself that nothing short of immersion and necessity is really going to give me the kick I need to become fluent.  And fluent I will eventually be; mark my words. But the other day they sent over one of my colleague’s-to-be PowerPoint presentations about composting… all in Creole.  I’m happy to say I understood some of it!  This cheered me up immensely.

It’s very surreal to sit here, observing the fall colours from the inside and shivering from the wind when stepping outside.  The prairie summers are short and fleeting and the first snow will come very soon.  This time, I won’t be here to see it, and complain about it and exclaim over it and get all exasperated about it.  Calgarians really do love to talk, and complain, about the weather.  It’s either too hot, too dry or, most frequently, freakin’ freezing outside.  Our Internet is either high-speed or just a shade too slow to handle streaming videos, Facetiming and downloading music all at the same time.  But starting tomorrow I can push back 1st-world problems to the back of my brain.  I’ve got to remember to buy bottled water, and not get cholera.  To watch for landslides if it rains for too long, and actually take my rainboots with me… which I just remembered I still need to pack.  And to gain a new level of mental mastery when it comes to mosquitos.

I don’t know what to expect, although I’ve been told what may happen.

I’m sure once I enter into this new world it will all seem much more real.

Until then, I remain in the in-between-land of almost having left, but still being here.

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