The allure of manure: Growing numbers of young urbanites drawn to farming

I’m with you guys!! Growing food gives pure, simple and uncomplicated pleasure to life. I’m dedicating my work to helping the young and young-at-heart sustainable farmers create great and prosperous future!!

National Post | News

Yehuda Nestel is a fast-talking, well-bred 28-year-old entrepreneur who works 70 hours a week and grew up in downtown Toronto.

But Mr. Nestel doesn’t work in a Bay Street office or live in a Yorkville condo. His head office is a 45-acre plot of land in Elora, Ont., and he shares it with two horses, 50 hens and hundreds of different crops.

The business-savvy former Torontonian is a self-made farmer. He is part of a growing group of urban-raised young people who have no background in farming but set out for rural life and become small-scale farmers anyway. Some do it because they love food and want to produce it, some think it will be romantic, some want to be their own boss and others just want a challenge.

“It’s not a different lifestyle, it’s a different life,” says Mr. Nestel of the farming industry compared to city life.


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