Fasting, Meditation

A mind full of excuses – Week 12 & 13


Preamble: as work piles up and I gain direction and momentum in my life, I observe my attention slip away from meditation and into action. As you can see from my notes of the past 2 weeks I am still attempting to carve out time for the all-important mind-clearing… I’m successful at times, not so much in others. Truth be told, I’m sleepier than before, as if my mind is tired of slowing down only at the sleep level and wishes it to happen at the conscious level too.

An experiment indeed!

Meditation week 12 & 13
Sunday :
Monday: a blank
Tuesday :
Wednesday: yay – a whole 5 minutes. Watched my mood go from confused and muddled to settled and optimistic.. all I did was send out a little prayer to the universe and let her know that my trust is in her, always in her πŸ™‚
Friday: 10 minutes were dedicated, and happily so, to prayer and conscious relaxation. It feels so good to relax but the moment my energy meter reads just 1% stronger I begin getting impatient and excited to work on all of my awesome projects. There is so much I want to DO!! I am a bubble of happy energy πŸ™‚
Saturday: again, didn’t meditate so much as let my thought catch up with me. Simply sitting, and being and not doing was the most healing thing I could have done for myself.
Monday: Nearly overwhelmed by wave of sadness that came over. Many factors contributing to it, but you might say today’s meditation was time needed and spent on a good cry! Very healing crying is, it always is.
Friday: the time that I set aside was filled with thoughts… I went instead to visual meditation and to my “peaceful place”. On another note I’ve been witness to amazing examples of direct manifestation – I have been consciously asking and receiving exactly what I need and desired at the perfect time. I feel in line and one with my intentions, the universe is openly supporting me, my biggest cheerleader unleashed πŸ™‚
Saturday: once again I found some seemingly plausible excuses not to meditate. Argh.
Am missing fasting – perhaps I’ll give it another go?

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