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WWOOF in France 2010
WWOOF in France 2010

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Excerpt: “My first WWOOFing experience in south-central France, in the summer of 2010, was also the first time that I learned of community supported agriculture.  Called AMAP in France, the “Association pour le Maintien d’une Agriculture Paysanne” wasn’t very clear to me as I rushed to bunch the remaining onions and carrots for the Wednesday market and hopped in the truck with my host Jérémy for the 30km drive to the town of Montlucon.  We were off to the AMAP to deliver our produce.

Eager to make myself useful, I envisioned weighing green beans and serving customers as Jérémy counted money and gave out change.  So I was quite surprised to see that once we unloaded our boxes of veges, they were simply placed one after the other on a long table, a scale next to them with a mysterious (atleast to my eye) absence of any kind of cash register.  Customers would come in with their petit or their grand pannier and serve themselves, glancing at the week’s white-boards for instructions and selecting and weighing their own veges while chatting away with everyone in sight.  Other local farmers had also come to sell fresh eggs, cheese, milk and bread; the door was wide open and people were coming and going in such a steady stream that I glanced questioningly at my host, wondering if the lack of supervision was normal.  ”They’re not kids,” he told me, “they know what they’ve paid for and what to take.” (read full)

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