Fasting, Meditation

Meditation week 10 & 11 – hanging on…


Day 1: Sunday – no fasting, not much mindfulness either

Day 2: Monday – nope

Day 3: Tuesday – tried, only lasted about 8 min. and there was a lot of squirming at that.

Thursday : beautiful, sunny and energy filled day. I indulged in one of my favourite childhood addictions: the swing set. Taking the time to enjoy my surrounding and maybe even a quick nap on the sunny bench… ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 11:

Day 2: Monday
Set aside 10 minutes today and watched feelings of tension and anxiety come up in response to all of the changes and decisions taking place in my life right now. It was difficult to keep the thought stream from slowing or dissipating… but I practiced it all the same. Have been reading about the Dalai Lama and buddhism and his words of inner peace ring loudly in my ears right now.

Day 7: saturday
Gave self 10 minutes to simpy catch up with self. Very helpful – I wish I had time for more! Correction: I wish I would make time for more.

As you can see the meditation is sporadic, at best, right now. The fasting has been replaced with mindful eating – these days I’m getting so much exercise (fitness classes, skiing, biking etc) that it’s increasingly difficult to fast. Combine this with a woman’s cycles and there are days when not eating is not an option. That being said, I can feel that my body misses it and I’m planning for a half-day fast later this week. A fresh vege juice can replace a meal and I can indulge in that delicious, empty feeling once again.

Rest assured, I am continuing to make a significant effort in incorporating both meditation and fasting in my whirlwind adventure of a life ๐Ÿ™‚

Here comes week 12!!

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