Week 9 – a diversity of methods and experiences


Day 1 (Sunday) – 5 minutes of mindfulness painfully scheduled in and a good effort given at being in the moment – just for 5min!!

Day 2(Monday)
Did 10 minutes today, and as usual am overjoyed to be consciously resting the mind during the day. Have also noticed that within a few minutes of rest, the mind starts to come up with very intriguing, creative and juicy new thoughts. I basically had to congratulate my own genious for its innovation and then mindfully let that thought know that I was not about to follow it down its path just yet.. I had another 8 minutes of awareness to practice 🙂

Day 3 – Tuesday:
15 minutes while listening to classical music in the car. It’s so wonderful to arrive places early! I wish I could sit and be all day… But would anything get done?

Wed: no time to be alone, let alone be alone with myself (lol). No meditation. Amazing day though!! (Was at an all-day workshop with Joel Salatin about profitable, sustainable farming 🙂

Thurs: my 15 minutes was a welcome respite from the day’s business. Curious emotions came up for me.. If not for the quiet I wouldn’t have even known they were there.

Day 6: (Friday) I am so happy and fulfilled that I’m quite litteraly trembling for joy, especially when resting in the moment. I want to do so much and my focus is exceptional and so once again I find it difficult to justify non-doing. I know, however, how beneficial it is regardless my mental and emotional state and so grit my teeth and see the 15 minutes through 😛

Day 7: (Saturday)
Took a moment while sitting in the sun to simply be, enjoy and rest in the moment.

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