New materials, plants and ideas

So after the awesome Seedy Saturday event this past weekend I’ve made definite advances in my Calgary Woodlands design.

First and foremost I purchased seeds and even a few plugs – anything from sunflowers to kale – I know I’ll need a lot more but atleast it’s a start.

Have collected several dozen burlap bags from Fratello coffee distributors – great and beautiful material and I’m curious to see what place my creativity will find for it. Also adopted a bag of coffee husks… I’m sure they’ll come in handy ☺

After meeting with the backyard owners there are concerns as to how to hide the Global buckets from sight (it may be a practical, ecological and great food growing idea but it sure aint pretty!) – we’re thinking wooden screen to cover a whole row of them in one go. There is also debate over installation of rain barrel… for aesthetic purposes we may end up having to hide it under the deck (tougher access and no gravity fed watering) but ah well…

Am loving the process, will post further progress soon – for now I’m focused and super pumped to see Joel Salatin in High River tomorrow!!


Published by Katalina


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