Week 8, Days 2-7, a week of excuses


I know and fully realise that there are very few things more important than my meditation practice. The entire experience of life is derived from, takes place in and ends in the mind itself. And yet this very mind that I am so keen to train and to quiet has effectively conjured up a series of particularly convincing arguments this week – reasons to forego meditation and enjoy mental complication. Don’t misunderstand me – I’ve made “great career moves” and visited with great friends that “are only in town for the week” as well as indulging in “excellent exercise” and “phenomenal networking opportunities”. And in all of this I have neglected my meditation and my mind is busy running away with me again.

The positive spin on this – as I am always determined to find one of these – is that I can tell the influence that the practice in mindfulness thus far has had on me. My concentration and focus in the moment are unlike ever before. My heart is open and I am able to discern between good things (and people), not for me and “might consider” quicker and more efficiently than before. And my intuition is serving me and guiding me like I need it to.

However, on the same token, I can tell that the work ahead of me and the road still left to travel is long. And I still have much to learn. And that regardless of all other goals, priorities and dreams the best thing that I could possibly have done for myself in the new year is commit to meditation.

As I sit here and mindfully schedule in next week’s sessions, I think to myself: “good grief, woman, it’s just 15 minutes a day.”

I can do this. I know I can.

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