Fasting, Meditation

Week 8, Day 1 – a great “fasting” day


So today I decided to live by some age-old wisdom: be kind to yourself.

And so, with a busy day of pottery painting ahead of me (livin’ the high life!) I had only a few kiwis and pecan nuts for breakfast, some weak coffee and orange juice and I was out the door.
The intensity of focusing on my painting creation – which took all afternoon – followed by a long talk with my sister meant that my mind was constantly engaged… and the body forgot to feel hunger. I’m also in a moment in my feminine cycle where I’m less hungry… so that helps too.

I did end up getting a persistent headache around 8:00pm and so made a delicious salad of greens, with a bit of goat cheese, oil and vinegar and rounded it off with an orange and tea.

The body feels great as the headache dissapates, and I feel centred and focused as I head to do my meditation for the day and to read and go to sleep.

Thank you Universe for another beautiful day of existence!!

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