A collage of planter ideas using recycled materials

This is a collage of a dozen or so planter ideas I’m thinking of putting into action in the new Woodlands Perma project

collage of recycling ideas

So, basically…

I’ve got to phone around local businesses to see if I can get a few shipping containers, coffee bags and the like (I love the look!!) and figure out if there’s an ecological spray-paint that could transform yogourt containers into works of art…

Plus, I have several hundred CDs on my hands and would like to find a gardening use for them.  Perhaps I’ll cut them in half, stick ’em in the dirt and use them as bright, reflective vegetable and herb markers? Maybe I’ll make a giant cylindar “thing” and find a way to plant in it?  Who knows…

And get this – There’s an old, broken bike on site that we can use for planters too!  The seat’s getting replaced with a potted plant for sure, and I’d like to hang baskets from the handlebars.  Perhaps attach a vintage looking wagon and have plants there too.

Plants, plants, plants.  We’ll have them poking out of rubber boots, coffee bags and bicycles in no time!!

Sources of inspiration include:

top 30 DIY planters from: http://www.homedit.com/top-30-planters-diy-and-recycled/ 

Dishfunctional designs – about recycled salvaged materials for the garden: http://dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.ca/2012/05/upcycled-garden-using-recycled-salvaged.html 












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