Fasting, Meditation

Week 6, Day 7; Week 7, Day 1: adaptation

Went through quite the adaptation process this weekend.  The mind has played many tricks on me… but I feel I’ve come out of the experience understanding it’s illusory nature just a bit better.

Fasting: today I went on just tea and a shake until about 17:00 at which point I did tuck into a nice guacamole, beets, tortilla chips and fried eggs.  I’ve been exercising a lot and my young body is burning through calories like mad.  A short fast of 15 hours or so feels great – I love experiencing that empty, gnawing, energetic feeling in the pit of my stomach – but the next step, when energy conservation and tiredness kicks in, just doesn’t feel worth it right now. My energy is high, and I like it there… that’s where I want it to stay.

It’s a learning process, and I have to remember to adapt and to leave room for exploration.

Meditation: the mantra is helpful to settling the mind, and I’m experimenting with short bursts of mindfulness and in-the-moment presence – focus on 10 deep breaths and feel every part of the body and mind and breath in the hear and now – as compared to 15 minutes of watching the mind-parade saunter by.  Again, neither way is the superior choice.. I’m simply experimenting!

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