Fasting, Meditation

Week 6, day 1 – go with the flow


Today, a Sunday, should technically have been a fasting day.
But I knew from the get-go that I would choose to forego my fasting day, that my purpose was served through eating and fueling my body at this time, not through rest.
I had the choice to be upset and military with myself, or to accept this turn of events and realise that next week will be a much better time to return to the Sunday fasting ritual. Without getting into too much detail – there are simply too many variables changing in my life right now and my energy and purpose are so channeled and strong… that a planned for rest wasn’t what I needed. I catch them on the fly, for the time being.
In a few days time I’ll be back to buying, preparing and cooking my own food – this, I have found thus far, plays a big role into whether or not fasting is easier, and whether or not food temptations tease me all day long (as housemates cook up delicious smells and eat and – to top it off – encourage you to join in!).

My meditation in the evening was… curious. I tapped into visualization and focused specifically on compassion. Feels like I’ve been eating too much meat… the compassion I was experiencing was centered specifically around animals…


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