Week 3, days 3-7; travel can be tricky

This post is not about excuses as much as it is about reality.  You see…keeping to a regular meditation practice has not been easy during the past few days; this week I am travelling, and also catching up and spending time with one of the most important people in my life.  Needless to say the temptation to forego meditation coupled with difficulty of finding alone and quiet time in the first place makes for an interesting blend.

A blend of little or no me-time, even though I can use it more than ever in a moment when my being is spinning with new ideas, possibilities and directions.

Being centered has never been more important!

I have, however, been finding alternative meditation avenues. I attended my first hot yoga class and found that the concentration required to get into, hold and breathe through complex poses was very effective in redirecting the usually scattered energy of the mind.  With every drop of sweat beading on my skin I felt myself re-grounding.

Have also had the good fortune to visit several spiritually powerful spots, most notably the Grand Canyon.  Just had to take those sitting-in-meditation pose photos with the majestic canyon in background!

So to briefly summarize, here’s how I did during the past few days:

  • Feb 4th – zilch
  • Feb 5th – nada
  • Feb 6th – a whole 30 min. meditation on love (yay – success!)
  • Feb 7th – 5 min. of quiet and mental peace – (better than nothing!)

So, such has been my progress in this department, but so much has been learned and experienced within the past several days that I intend to get back into the regularity of meditation with renewed verve once back at home.

What this trip has taught me – of this much I am sure – is that the power of centerdness and quiet are underestimated. Mindfulness is quickly becoming my necessity and processing tool of choice without which clarity, intuition and direction would be very difficult to achieve!

Kasia-grandcanyonAnd that, in itself, is a priceless realisation.

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