Day 20 & 21 – zilch & movement

Day 20 – nothing happened. simply… it.did.not.happen.

Day 21 – The meditation session turned into more of a processing, prayer and body relaxation session. Simply sitting and quieting the mind felt so masculine, so cerebral… I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The prayers spoken (repeated each one 3 times) and lying down on the floor simply letting the body relax and release little pent up knots of stress – that was what I needed most!

Rest assured – tomorrow I’ll get back to time proven forms of mindfulness 🙂

Am also travelling today (plane) and observed the usual tendency for mind to travel ahead of me while my body waited patiently for the flight. This has always happened, the anticipation of being somewhere new means that I’m mentally absent from the “old” location sooner than departure day. The difference is that this time… I observed it.

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