Days 17, 18 & 19 – compassion


Day 16 – exhausted, attempted
the 15 min. before bed, nearly fell asleep

Day 17 – a parent’s birthday and in doing my best to stay true to “dedicating the day to dad”, I intentionally put off the alone and quiet time.

Day 18 – Am beginning to see how just like you can’t catch up on sleep (although most of us like to think this is possible!), catching up on meditation works in similar fashion. However, even though past two very busy days have not included any conscious mindfulness and therefore have been peppered with many mind-chaos moments… putting it off and compiling three sessions into one long one provides opportunity for deeper, visual meditation.

… which is exactly what I did today, dedicating a full 45 minutes to a “compassion and tonglen” meditation, in part sparked by the divine timing of seeing Bob Thurman’s TED talk on compassion and buddhism

It was quite emotional for me, and also hugely beneficial. Realising that all human beings strive for happiness and fulfillment and avoid problems, and that in fact this is our greatest motivation in life, is a heart opening and beneficial realisation. Suddenly my own problems do not seem so insurmountable, and as I open myself to taking on the suffering of others… I can finally begin to see beyong myself.

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