Day 16 – thoughts


Feel phenomenal after yesterday’s fast.
Have begun to play around with a new 40 day mantra… I think I’ll commit to doing it soon, within the next several weeks.
Today I am reminded of the words of a friend. A friend and a healer who said something along the lines of

thoughts are like little snippets of air or leaves floating about in the air. Constantly there for the taking or for the leaving. We can take one, or several, play around with them, reshape them and ultimately release them back into the multitude. Thoughts do not belong to us, they are there to be used and let go of, as necessary. Even seemingly original thoughts have already been thought of before…just because you think that you thought it up doesn’t mean that it belongs to you.”

Today I simply observed the thoughts as they came and went and the degree of emotional attachment prescribed to each one. Remembering that they don’t belong to me, or define me, and that my life story doesn’t revolve in abandoning myself to them… I did my best to unattach from them, to release the ones that are no longer serving me and to observe the ones that may still be useful.

I am overjoyed to think that my thoughts do not define who and what I am.

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