Fasting, Meditation

Day 14 & 15 – fastin’ and flyin’


Day 14: a social butterfly day, as I observed my reactions to new and old friends, surrounded by so many varying energies I did my best to quiet the mind in the evening. Trying does not necessarily mean succeeding.

Day 15:
Another fast day! And another one more closely resembling a liquid diet day as I enjoyed carrot and orange juice and two sizable bowls of soup broth. I did OK though and am proud of myself for sticking to it… Whatever “it” may be at the moment. Also am realising that full fasting is that much more difficult since meat has re-entered my diet… Making appearances on the Saturday before the big day makes for poor timing. Am making note of eating light food only next time the sabbath rolls along thus helping myself enjoy a better and easier fast day the following day.
It felt like a quick fast this time around… Dare I say a fast fast…? 😛

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