Day 12 & 13 – playin’ catch up


Day 12 – I forgot. Really. By the time I was heading to bed and nodding off I remembered… and well, I decided doubling the next day’s dose as compared to fighting imminent sleep was the better bet.

Day 13 – aahhh, I breathe a sigh of relief as I reach for my anchor of peace, centerdness and all that is good and coherent in this world. Missing out on conscious mindfulness yesterday feels like missing the best concert in town, my favourite artist come from afar to perform just the once. The reality of it sinks in…I missed that opportunity to familiarize myself with the present moment, then. But, hold on. The moment is here, it always will be here waiting for me to join it.

“Dear Universe”, so the thought begins, “Thank you for your understanding and patience”… as I dabble in playing the ironic game of catch up with the Now.

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