Fasting, Meditation

Day 8 – resting


Today is Sunday, therefore a fasting day.

I woke up and was immediately hungry. Didn’t know how I was going to keep to today’s fast… In fact what ended up happening was that I filled in the hunger spots with copious amounts of freshly pressed carrot-apple juice and a few hot cups of tomato soup broth. Add the teas and water and once again it was more of a liquid diet day than an authentic fast. I think it’s the quality and wonderfulness of being surrounded again by momma’s cooking… But boy am I ravanous! Adjusting to the Canadian cold surely plays its part as well.

My 15 minutes of mindfulness went well although I left it for too late in the day and so had to shake off the yawns quite often. Either way I’m starting to see these 15 minutes (which sometimes seems like a lot of time, sometimes like barely enough) as my sanity anchor, my return to self and calm and an opportunity to reconnect. I’m enjoying this whole process more and more 🙂

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