Day 6 & 7 – impermanence


Day 6
After enjoying a last night out with friends, food and laughter I took the liberty of not sleeping and arrived in a grand adrenaline rush at the airport in the wee hours of the morning to catch my flight to Amsterdam.
Once in Dutch-land I meandered for several hours, mentally passed into zombie-land and boarded the +8 hour flight to Canada.
Once in Calgary, it took all my strength just to breathe and continue a somewhat coherent day. I considered meditating – I seriously did – but after nearly 40 hours without sleep the mind was in such a foggy and molasses type state that it seemed pointless to try.
Conclusion: sleep deprivation and mindfulness are a tough mix

Day 7
After 12 hours of rest akin to what I imagine the dead experience, I feel somewhat better.
Owing to all the changes and due to beginning a new chapter in life, a long meditation and one on impermenance felt very appropriate today. I opened my book to the appropriate chapter… and followed the guidelines.
After contemplating the ever changing nature of the body, mind, material objects and all living, inanimate and celestial bodies… I’m left with a singular thought: our time here is finite, our efforts counted.
So, here’s another thought:

To attempt to navigate through the life experience mindlessly seems as smart as attempting to fly an airplane without wings. It’s the wings – and the clarity of mind – that give balance to the whole contraption. And, of course, without them…well, we wouldn’t fly at all.

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